Snippet: Dino Poster

"Artists live with one foot in two worlds. The world of the known and the world of the imagined. Zallinger, took knowledge of the known world and wove it tightly to all things unknown. The brontosaurus wallows in the lake, displacing the water, surrounded by horsetails and ferns, like a hippo in Londolozi or a Moose in Baxter. Everything seems at once so real, the blooming magnolias and rhododendrons, sweet and familiar like June, the soil and clouds, the same earth on which we walk today. And yet the entire scene is outside anything the human eye ever looked upon. Some 65 million years covered in just six feet of poster paper, pinned to my wall. I realized that this image imparted to me the freedom to live in two worlds, one of scientific reality the other of wild imagination."